About Cozamia

Hola! I’m Nancy. Thank you for stopping by…

I’m a creative gal currently living in Canada. For as long as I can remember, I have always had an incessant need to draw, paint, photograph and decorate. I’m fascinated with both traditional and digital methods of creating art, as a result much of my artwork often combines the two. I get a thrill out of mixing colorful fragments derived from paintings and drawings with digital work as well as photography.

I often draw inspiration from nature and my everyday surroundings where I’m particularly drawn to bold colors (surprise!) and patterns. I get lost browsing through fashion mags, interior design books and blogs, all of this plays into the decorative vibe of my art.

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~ Nancy Ramirez

Giving Back

I feel incredibly fortunate to live where I live, where I can do what I love every day and have a home I can decorate with the things I enjoy. Not everyone is so lucky, far from it, I try to never forget that.

I’ve partnered with Plan Canada so that every month a portion of the proceeds earned from my art sales help a community need.